Naan Staap is a Pakistani theme based café located in heart of East London. As the name suggest the café is all about Stuffed Naan, Cakes, Cookies and Desi Karak Chaah (Chai). We believe in serving fresh food therefore all our food is freshly baked inside our kitchen once we receive an order.

This unique café has authentic Pakistani origin Naan Breads stuffed with different fillings. Whether you like Chicken, Lamb or prefer Vegetarian we’ve got it all. We even stuff our Naan breads with Nutella and Chocolates. Amazing isn’t it?

If you’re not in a mood for our fluffy soft Naan Breads we offer stuffing inside Paratha Flat Bread as well. Freshly made in our kitchen, these crispy Parathas are treat for the Paratha lovers.

Since Naan Staap is an eastern café we offer Karak Chaah (Chai) and other desi drinks. ‘Chaah’ means love in Urdu Language. We love our Karak Chai so much that we prefer calling it Karak Chaah. Freshly made in our kitchen in traditional way, our Karak Chaah will take you to eastern bliss.